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Complete list of new features

RewriteEngine (Enables section rewrites)
Section position
Section settings, online, offline (Sets the section viewable or not)
Roles (user management, assaign user to roles)
Roles, create, edit or delete roles.
PageExplorer (inc. navigate from to pages)
Hidden page option (hide pages from menu but can be navigated to)
Templated content by theme
Templated Regions (SectionHolder) (Add regions wherever you want)
Sitemap (Auto generated from sitemap)
Rewrite sections is included in (Google) sitemap
Searchform (EasyControl)
BlogSearch (EasyControl)
Separated administration
Backup (Create complete backup of website)
Email templates (Create html email easy)
NewsTeaser (Shortcut to News)
LiveWriter translation key (A few cultures is added at footer)
Google analytics key
Google sitemaps key
JQuery Javascript engine
Edit FreeTextBox Css
Edit FreeTextBox Css (Updated, Each theme has its own cssfile)
Discussion section
Code colorizer section See example
DownloadManager section
SitemapTree section
Custom html section(Create static content among pages)
Role(and rule)Manager See inc. roles for sections.
301 Permanent moved
Linked To (Create duplicated menu nodes)
Header image See
Superfooter links See image of superfooter
Import section. (Util for adding .config files from other websites)
Image editor, lets you crop and resize images.

Added as a section
Contains Registration
Contains Change password

Theme selector
Select a theme by click on a link (or flag).

Theme page select
A single page can be assaigned a different theme than its default.

XhtmlHelper for FreeTextBox
The free htmleditor FreeTextBox doesn't provide Xhtml output. The XhtmlHelper replaces the output to valid Xhtml. The original Mwpsk will never validate against W3C.

Outputs clean ul li menues with current node class
Ready types are:
TopMenu (One level only)
SidebarMenu (Below top levels)
PopupMenu (Slides down sublevels from topmenu, unlimited levels)

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