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Fancy Gallery Images not shown


I'm trying to get the 'Fancy Gallery' to work:
I'm able to upload the pictures; I see them in App_Data/ImageGallery/537edc5f-2e28-4602-bf12-b52fa12f3271/Image/Calanque.jpg; the same for the /Thumbs.
When I run it the 'View source' shows below HTML code; but all I see is the red cross; when hovering over the item I see the 'tooltip' i.e. the name of the picture!
So, I assume there is something wrong with below html which is pulled together in 'ImageGallery.ascx'.
Thanks for your time and hints
PS: I tried to tweak the code in 'ImageGallery.ascx' without success; see below original code and outcome!
litImages.Text += string.Format("<li><a href=\"#\" rel=\"/ImageHandler.ashx?width=500&height=450&pg={0}&image=~/App_Data/ImageGallery/{4}/Image/{1}\" title=\"{3}\" class=\"toolTip\"><img src=\"/ImageHandler.ashx?pg={0}&UploadedFile=true&image=~/App_Data/ImageGallery/{4}/Image/thumbs/{2}\" alt=\"{3}\" class=\"gallery\" /></a></li>\n", "{0}", image.ImageAlternateImagePath, image.ImagePath, image.InternalTitle, _section.SectionId);
<a href="#" rel="/ImageHandler.ashx?width=500&height=450&pg={0}&image=~/App_Data/ImageGallery/537edc5f-2e28-4602-bf12-b52fa12f3271/Image/Calanque.jpg" title="Calanque.jpg" class="toolTip">
<img src="/ImageHandler.ashx?pg={0}&UploadedFile=true&image=~/App_Data/ImageGallery/537edc5f-2e28-4602-bf12-b52fa12f3271/Image/thumbs/Calanque.jpg" alt="Calanque.jpg" class="gallery" /> </a>


edikaufmann wrote Dec 30, 2011 at 3:23 PM

when usin <img src=\" ImageHandler.ashx .... (i.e. delete slash) in ImageGallery.ascx. the' thumbs' are uploaded correctly BUT no chance to see the 'big' picture NOR anything 'fancy'!?
What am I missing here?
thanks ed

wrote Feb 13, 2013 at 7:52 PM