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how do I get started?

Dec 14, 2011 at 3:14 PM
Edited Dec 18, 2011 at 7:45 AM

thanks for your time!

Due to the lack of (any) response on this thread I edited it a couple of times with my ongoing test results.
In the meantime I found the problem - as usual a simple thing - and thought others might have the same issue!

Again the problem(s): after downloading version I got mainly jQuery issues ($ function not defined) and NO formatting at all (Stylesheet, CSS, etc).

The solution: change of href=" .. and src="... in <link rel=Stylesheet and <script type="text/javascript"... :
in default.aspx from .. href="/Admin..... to href="Admin ... same for src="....
in admin.master from .. href="/Administration/resources/ ... to href="resources/.... same for src="...

As said I installed version; my system is based on 'Windows Installer 3.0'. It seems that
Rickard is using a different 'configuration' when testing!

Anyway all is fine now and I like to thank Rickard for the great job on EPScms.. it is definitely a
substantial improvement compared to MWPSK, thanks!

PS: NO need to read further!

I'm using for quite some time the good old MWPSK. Due to some very valuable features in eps I like to try it out ... with some difficulties!

Firstly I got quite some jQuery $-errors which I solved by changing the jQuery in default.aspx like:

(function($) {
                $('select#<%=cmbPositions.ClientID %>').selectmenu({width: 150});
                $('select#<%=cmbSections.ClientID %>').selectmenu({width: 190});
                $('#<%=pageexplorer.ClientID %>')
                     .css({ left:<%=setting.PaletteX%>, top: <%=setting.PaletteY%>, display: 'block' })
                     .draggable({ stop: function(event, ui) {
I'm running version
However, now I get the bare-bone view of e.g the Admin screen i.e NO formatting at all.
 What di I miss to 'activate' the CSS/style business.
PS: when running the 'View Source' shows: "

<link href="/App_Themes/Mwpsk/mwpsk.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet"/>

Some tesst later: I realize that - on my system! - mwpsk.css is NOT found! However, when
explicitly using href="App_themes ...(no /) mwpsk.css is found and the page is correctly formatted! 
Also I realise that ALL appropriate statements are formed using a '/' first!
As most of these href 'statements' are done on the fly I can't change them without changing the code.
questions: do I have to change something on my system (IIS, VS etc) to make this work ... ?
what I am doing wrong!? 
Thanks for helping