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Due to other project this project i purely updated. Please feel free to contact me if there some questions about it.

What I do have is a complete new version of EPS CMS that is rebuilt from bottom. The new release have all the stuff as before, but now has the abillity to add, drag, and create zones, a rebuilt datamanager that allow you to create more than one website whitin one install. This is just some enhancements that are made.

Enterprise Cms

This cms is a dynamic content management system that doesn't require any database. It's easy to understand and has a lot of features that let you create a more dynamic and alive website.
It's also easy to install. Copy all files to a webserver or run it locally from for eg Cassini webserver.

Upcomming new enhancements

Several changes are going to be made on next release. Positions of where to add zones can be added anywhere. Jquery engine is now the default javascript engine and is built in.

See screenshots
During development
See complete list of new features
Rewrite section updated

Enterprise extended Mwpsk cms

EPS(Enterprisesoft) content management developed in C#.
It's built to let both weddesigners and webdevelopers that need an easy way of adding new features in a pluggable way, without having to do any coding.
A lot of new features are added. See complete list of new features
Visit Enterprisesoft development website to see a demo and implementation of functions.


ASP.NET 2.0, implemented in c-sharp(c#)
Development tool, Visual studio or Visual Studio Express.


We're now accepting donations to help support EPS CMS and accelerate development on it.
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